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  Liberty Safe Accessories

  Media Cooler
For storing electronic media such as computer disks, back-up tapes, videotapes, CDs, etc. Media cooler fits snugly in the large bottom drawer of the storage cabinet, or sits alone in the bottom of the safe. Exterior dimensions: 12 3/16" W x 9 7/8" H x 9 7/8" D. Interior dimensions: 8 7/8" W x 6 1/4" H x 6 1/2" D.
    Storage Cabinet
Perfect for storing your documents, jewelry, etc., our storage cabinet comes with four drawers on all 23 cubic foot size models and larger. Larger bottom drawers include a hanging file rack.


  Oak Pistol Rack
Convenient pistol storage. Protects stock and barrel finishes from damage. Available in 8-gun capacity with beige or silver pad.
    Jewelry Drawer
Velvet lined jewelry drawer mounts under safes adjustable shelves. The best optional jewelry trays utilizes the least used space...underneath shelving!
Trays are available in three sizes 9", 12" & 15" wide drawers.
  Deluxe Door Panel
(Factory Installed Only)

A great way to organize your valuables and accessories. Maximize storage space with quick draw pistol pockets, zip pockets, choke tube holders, scope pockets and Liberty's NEW COOL POCKET™. Standard feature on all Lincoln, Presidential, and National safes. OPTIONAL ON FRANKLIN SERIES ONLY (Must buy a Franklin Safe to order the deluxe accessory door panel).
    Electric Dehumidifier
Gently raises the temperature inside your safe (thus lowering the relative humidity) to protect your firearms and other metal valuables from rust.


  Anchoring Kit
Secure your safe to the floor with our safe anchoring kit. Utilizes the pre-drilled holes in the floor of your Liberty Safe. Parts are included for both cement and hardwood floors.
    Electronic Lock
Change your combination/key lock to a full-featured, U.L. Listed electronic lock. Available in 3 styles: Low-Profile (Chrome, Brass & Black Chrome), Dual-Battery (Chrome, 24K), and Biometric (Chrome, Brass, 24K). Requires installation by certified locksmith.
  Interior Lights
Fluorescent lighting, includes Liberty's Electrical Outlet Kit plus 3-plug adapter and 90 degree power cord. 3 lights sticks for 17-35 models. 4 light sticks for 40-50 models. Requires installation..
    Electrical Outlet Kit
Makes for easy access to electricity from the inside of the safe. Plug in dehumidifier or use as interior outlet for optional lighting source. Includes dual-90 degree cord inserted to the precut access plug (in back of safe). Includes 3-plug outlet adapter.





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